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"No Job too big or too small, the Jamaican Garden Doctor does it all!"

"We have been delighted with what Ian has done for us!"

"Ian is knowledgeable and skillful as a landscape gardener. He has always worked very hard when here and above all has worked very tidy indeed!"

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"We would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Ian to anyone wanting his services"

Jonathan Stalkley

"We have found Ian to be very hard working, amenable and willing to think for himself."

Stephen Moir

"Ian is very reliable and professional, I would definitely employ him again."

Val Scott


"My knowledge and experience lends itself to fixing all kinds of problems in the garden."


Ian Malcolm 

The Jamaican Garden Doctor

Ian Owen Malcolm -The Jamaican Garden Doctor

For all your Landscaping needs

My first client  (in New Zealand) asked me if I was afraid of hard work. I told him, "Hard work is what has gotten me where I am." I still work for that Gentleman. 


I treat the property as though it were my very own.


Many have said, "Whatever you see needs doing - just do it!"


For that to be said, trust has got to be there.

So my customers often get more than they bargain for. They find I can do

general maintenance and provide a total garden service.

The Jamaican Garden Doctor



I love saving seed, nurturing seedlings, grafting, circumposing, propagating, designing, arranging, sourcing, transforming, and maintaining gardens. I have the skills and experience to do whatever the garden needs me to do. Irrigation, pruning, insecticide, pesticide, even fencing! 

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